PUTTING ADVICE by David Bodner  

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The skill of putting requires consistent patterns of a stroke and setting up to the ball with a particular style of putter ( ...Putters are, obviously, not all made the same! ). 

        To be an excellent putter, the golfer has to have knowledge, search the many possibilities within him, or herself; ...and then learn, via practice and experimentation, to repeat the patterns that seem most comfortable and repeatable. 

         The book Putting Advice provides informative facts and ideas associated with all kinds of approaches to putting. Whether it be a discussion of the Long shafted putter, the Short shafted putter, the putters with Soft faces, Center shafted, Face, or Toe balanced putters;  how types of grips affect the stroke, the type of strokes that can be made; ...and  a host of other concepts that may puzzle both the professional or the beginner....  

                Putting Advice explains these and many other possibilities that most golfers ought to be thinking about to develop their own personal and consistent putting swing.