Rough Head being ground flush and readied for pollishing..      Heads will then be stamped and attached to a true temper shaft cut to 43 1/2"  and gripped with Golf Pride grip.                            


                                                                  Rough Heads of the LBE Putter from the Traditional Sand Casting Process are obtained from West Coast Casting  in Bradendon, Florida .  These rough heads have to be ground, smoothed out and prepared for polishing and finishing in Ocala, Florida. 

                                                          They are  assembled in Ocala, Florida to the shaft, stamped with a USA and Loft Below Equator's Stamp, cut to the standard shaft size (34 1/2 inches) and gripped to suit: (Long 40 1/4 inch and Short 32 inch sizes can be ordered free upon request; as well as special grips at adjusted prices. ) 

  This is a traditional and time-honored process that makes each LBE Putter unique, from the manufacturer to the owner.