Rough Head being ground flush and readied for pollishing..      Heads will then be stamped and attached to a true temper shaft cut to 43 1/2"  and gripped with Golf Pride grip.                            


                                                                  Rough Heads of the LBE Putter from the Traditional Sand Casting Process have been obtained from West Coast Casting  in Bradendon, Florida.  These rough heads have to be ground, smoothed out and prepared for polishing and finishing in Pass Christian, Mississippi. 

                                                          They are  assembled in Pass Christian, Mississippi by David to the shaft, stamped with a USA and Loft Below Equator's Stamp, cut to the standard shaft size (34 1/2 inches) and gripped to suit: (Either Long 40 1/4 inch; and Short 32 inch... sizes can be ordered upon request; well as special grips at adjusted prices. ) {Contact by e-mail: Leave return phone number to call back.}

  This is a traditional and time-honored process that makes each LBE Putter unique, ....from the manufacturer to the owner