Loft Below Equator is Special

   The LBEtm Putter is simply, a putter; one not better or worse than any other.  (One should take issue with the word "better" or "worse" on the principle that all putters are, actually, of equal value to the owner and user because of their own preferences.)  

    The LBE Putter is, however, unique.

   It is made traditionally of Solid Brass using the traditional sand-casted method These LBEtm Putter unique properties  are:

....Made to be:Toe Balanced encouraging an open and close swing pattern as if your hand was slapping at the ball. 

Flat Soled to assure a consistent shaft lie angle,

....Made of Heavy quality  Brass material ready for an inside to out to square stroke,

....Made with a 5 Degree Face Angle so the hands can be set slightly ahead of the striking point, ...Made with a  Low-Profile-Face to strike the ball below the golfball's  equator on the up-swing.

     Let there be no mistake: Other putters have unique properties of their own and ought not to be dismissed as a correct choice to get the ball into the hole.

  The golfer's choice of putters, ultimately, is up to the individual golfer to decide.  The decision will be made after using and feeling comfortable with a particular brand which is best for him or herself.   None the less the LBE Putter is special, traditional to the spirit of the game; and a wise choice for the professional as well as the weekend enthusiast.

       LBE means Loft Below Equator.  This is rather unique to the putter designs of  today in that most putters are designed with a profile at the equator or above it! 

         Because the average putter is designed at or above the ball's equator the golfer is generally forced to strike the ball on the equator of the ball with a level-through, or a downward-through stroke.  They use the loft of the putter's face to lift the ball off the turf for a smooth roll after "back-spinning" to the ground.  This is an action much akin to the action that one would do in "chipping" down at the ball or through the ball; and this is arguably a good technique. 

With the LBE Putter things are slightly different.

       Because the LBEtm Putter is disigned differently with a lower face-profile the golfer is generally allowed to strike the ball below the ball's equator.  This lower-positioning of the putter's blade to the golfball encourages the golfer to pull-up at the exact back of the ball ( on the "Skin" of the ball, if you will,).... as one would do if rolling a larger beach-ball along the sand. 

         The LBEtm Putter's design therefore is: more versatile, since one has allowed another kind of stroke at the ball; specifically up, and along the skin of the ball from a lower point on the putter's face.  This action is much the same one would use as if rolling a beachball and not as if punching at it.

  Of course with an LBEtm Putter one may also strike level or down at the ball as others do with a larger and higher face.

         Loft Below the Equator is Special

The LBEtm Putter is proudly manufactured and assembled in  America.  This alone seems to be unique to the manufacturing business these days; and good reason to be proud of its ownership.  At this time each putter is stamped with an LBE symbol and USA identifying it as: a made in America product ( this refers to: the shaft, and the head  -.... most grips today are manufactured in China or Mexico). The shaft is assembled with the male tip of the LBE Putter's head inserted within the shaft, assuring solid connection up and into the shaft. 

       The process of manufacture for the LBE has been personally chosen to respect the long-time Traditions of golf.  The LBE putter is manufactured in Solid Brass with the time honored process of Sand Casting at Bradenton, Florida.  Final finishing and assembly will done by David in Pass Christian, Mississippi.  

Presently, the LBE Putter can be found at this web site : ...., and especially upon request via: professional Danny Oates in Arcadia, Florida.  Other areas of sales can be opened up as time and energy permits.

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