Golf: Learn to Play and Have Fun 

(A limited paperback edition ....)

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Playing golf is a rewarding game of intense skill that must somehow be learned.  This book provides help on a technical and easy to read level that helps readers of all levels become aware of  the choices they may take to complete a swing of their own. 
     The student will learn from the words of the author without the distraction of  picture or illustration.  The idea of a "picture tells a thousand words" does not measure up to the concept of: " a few words that come to the  exact point".    
A fun and informative read at 302 pages.


The game of Golf was meant to be studied and learned in details.... : yes, but also it was meant more to be enjoyed more by all those who pick up the sticks.
You don't have to be an expert; you just have to be interested, honest and in love with the best game of all;    ....then, you will automatically be a "Golfer"!


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